Relevant Papers

The sources listed below are examples of information consistent with the goals of our website. These relevant sources are a list of current and past papers, and other documents. This menu is in its initial stage of development and will be updated periodically. We intend to retain the listing of the first three items for an indefinite time. These three sources provide a great deal of background information for all new readers. We will periodically list other relevant papers. We invite readers to identify and submit items for this menu via email.

UN = Source is an example of UNalienable rights;
IN = Source is an as example of INalienable rights.

  • (UN) The Unique American Declarations By Len Posa and Corinne Fitzgerald
  • (UN) A Hunger for Liberty Leads to the Declaration of Independence By Mary Mostert on Banner of Liberty
  • (UN) The Threat of Anarchy Leads to the Constitution of United States By Mary Mostert on Banner of Liberty
  • (UN) When evil has destroyed the foundations, what are the righteous to do? By L. Kimball on Renew America
  • (UN) Declaration of Independence as Law By R. Cherry, American Thinker, May 2010
  • (UN) Amerika by Early November By Nancy Matthis and Austin Davis, American Daughter, Sunday, September 6th, 2009
  • (IN) Obamacare – Visual Diagram Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, P.L. 111-148; Health Care & Education Reconciliation Act, P.L. 111-152 Prepared by: Joint Economic Committee, Republican Staff Congressman Kevin Brady, Senior House Republican Senator Sam Brownback, Ranking Member